First part of the programme released!

on Monday, April 23, 2012

After several weeks of hard work and a weekend of inspiration at the Solmukohta festival, the Larpwriter summer school committe is ready to launch the first parts of the summer school programme! Although the following programme posts are preliminary and more are to follow later this week, we´re proud to present the first part of a high quality programme on larp organizing.

The following speakers and contributors is confirmed to the Larpwriter Summer school so far:

Titles and contents of the individual workshops are subject to change.
Anna-Karin Linder

Anna-Karin Linder: Metatechniques workshop & building close relations.
Anna-Karin works as a drama pedagogue with LajvVerkstaden, a swedish company that runs larps for schools in Västerås, Sweden. In her metatechniques workshops, she will show the participants how to use metatechniques to facilitate good play during a larp and enhance the larping experience itself. The workshop on building close relations will center on techniques and methods to build credible and playable close relationships in larps, and how to play on these.

Erik Aarebrot

Erik Aarebrot: The impact of educational larps
Erik is a norwegian larper based in Bergen, and have been working on educational larps through his company URO for several years, amongst other things on the game "Prisoner for a Day". This lecture will cover how to get the most learning potential out of educational larps. How does larp combine with other learning methods for the greatest impact? What importance does a de-briefing session have both for the learning outcome and the player safety?
Miriam Lundquist

Miriam Lundquist:Adapting the larp to your players
Miriam is the founder of the swedish LajvVerkstaden, and works  full-time on organizing larps, amongst other things for schools. Miriam will cover LajvVerkstadens experiences for organizing educatuional larps for different target groups and how to adapt your games to the participants.

Trine Lise Lindahl

Trine Lise Lindahl: Designing for re-runnability
Trine is an experienced norwegian larper who´s been involved in games like Mad About the Boy and Screwing the Crew, and was also the head organiser of Knutepunkt in 2009. She´ll cover the tools and tricks to design games for re-runnability: How can you design games that can be run by others, without the original author present? How do you design games for flexibility in genders and number of participants?

Petter Karlsson

Petter Karlsson: When Our Destinies Meet & collaborative writing workshop
Petter is a swedish larper, gamewriter, and media afficionado. He works part-time with the swedish Larpig Company LajvVerkstaden. He´s at the summer school (among other things) to run the game When Our Destinies Meet, a game inspired by the theatres of Brecht. Rather than a finished game, When Our Destinies Meet is a method for creating characters and drama. The participants create characters and relations in a pre-game workshop, and plays them out in the game afterwards. In his collaborative writing workshop, Petter will teach you methods for creative writing together, and allow you to try them out on your own projects and ideas.

Oliver Nøglebæk

Oliver Nøglebæk: How to use location and scenography
Oliver was one of the main scenographists at the important Danish larp KAPO, and knows a lot about how to use location and scenography. In this workshop, he´ll cover the how and why of location, venue and scenography. How can you use the location of a game to reinforce the vision?

In addition to this, we have several more lectures, workshops, larps showcasings and, most importantly, larps, planned for the summer school. Stay tuned for more news later this week!