More programme contributors confirmed!

on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The summer school committe is working hard to confirm more of the programme contributors, and are happy to announce that two more people are confirmed for the Larpwriter Summer school:
Teresa Axner

Teresa Axner: Snapphane
Teresa a swedish larper and part of LajvVerkstaden, and so has experience with organizing larps for schools. She will (among other things) contribute to the programme with Snapphane, a game that LajvVerkstaden has run that centers around a conflict between an occupying force and the Snapphane movement fighting it, and the dilemmas of the people in the middle that has to make decisions of life and death.

Eirik Fatland

Eirik Fatland: Designing characters and playable relations
Eirik is an experienced larper, larp organizer, critic and theorist from the norwegian larp scene. He will share with us his experiences regarding design of playable characters and character networks that allow all players to take part in the action of the game. In his lecture, he will cover some principles of character design and design of character networks.

Johanna Koljonen

Johanna "Joc" Koljonen: The relationship between the player and the character: Saftey, ethics and emotions
Johanna is a swedish larper, journalist, writer and media commentator. She´s been working and talking about larp for years, amongst this on the radio. Johanna will cover how to use - or deliberately not use - the relationship between the character and the player. How can you use close-to-home designs to enhance the player experience? What should you be aware of when using the players´ own emotions in the game? For what games can these sorts of design work?

We are still working with more programme contributors and programme items, so the final programme is starting to look very promising. More news will be released as soon as we have them confirmed. Today the signup deadline runs out, so there´s no reason not to head over to the signup-page to register your application!