Venue for the summer school!

on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The cabins for the summer school
The organizers have now confirmed the venue for the summer school! The summer school will take place at the summer camp site Ruta, close to Moletai an hours drive outside Vilnius. Ruta is a camp site that was originally built as a summer vacation site for the workers of a factory during the Soviet era. The venue has access to a small lake and large outdoor areas, as well as an auditorium and several other rooms for organizing programme items and larps.

The participants will live in small cabins with 6-9 people in each. The cabins have water, electricity, toilet, shower and a fridge. The standards of accomodation are reasonable, but not luxurious.

We look forward to welcome you to Ruta, a magical frame for the Larpwriter Summer School!

Auditorium / lecture hall

Lake for swimming