State of the Larp - Oslo 13-16 Dec 2018

on Friday, September 21, 2018

How can we design larps, communities and tools to make changes in society? 

We believe that larp can change the world

Larp has the potential to raise critical issues and to promote social change. Larp can profoundly affect the perspectives of participating individuals and create trust and bonds between them. Solid larp communities create readiness and networks enabling them to take opportunities for making social change.

How can we develop and use the potential of larp? How can we extend the reach to non-larp environments?

We want to gather 62 people who believe in larp as a tool for positive change. For three days, we will stay together in a hotel in Norway to share ideas, experience, questions and understanding - of what we know as well as what we don’t yet know - within larp design, community building and larp as a medium for expression.

State of the Larp brings together people who wish to be active in building the future of their communities, who want to design experiences that ultimately contribute to a positive change or who want to join us in discussing how larp can be a tool for strengthening NGOs and civil society. Together we will work towards the goal of sharing and creating design practices that, in one way or another, make our worlds better.

All participants contribute to the program

The seminar is designed as a space to share experiences, questions and methods. All participants will bring something - a thought, a question or a solution - to the seminar. In addition, there will be facilitated discussions as well as input from leading experts in the international larp community.

Here are some examples of what you can do (but other formats are very welcome too!)

Method test (20-60 mins) - Bring a method you would like to try out. It can be anything from a warm-up exercise to a method for using lights to a complete larp.
Story (10-20 mins) - Tell us about something you did. A player experience, an organizer experience, how you used larp in an unusual context, a meeting with someone - anything somehow related to the topic of larp and community building.
Question (30-60 mins) - Raise a question you want people to discuss on this seminar. Bring some opening remarks around a question and then facilitate the conversation in a group.
Presentation (10-20 mins) - Tell us about a specific subject that you would like to share on this seminar.
Method teaching (30-60 mins) - Teach a specific skill. It can be anything from how to introduce larp to non-larpers to a relevant workshop technique.

I am not sure if I can contribute?

Yes you can. As long as you have an interest in larp, a passion for building community and a curiosity about new design practices. We will also offer mentoring for those who wish. You can also team up with others to make a program item.

Sign up and practical information

It is a priority for us to have many participants under the age of 26 for this event, but we also look for diversity and a varied group of participants. In order to achieve this, we would like applications from people with a wide range of backgrounds, ages and larp experience. The spots will not be allocated based on merit or qualifications, but based on how we can make a group with the composition we want. If you think this event sounds interesting, please apply!

The programme and the discussions will be held in English.

The deadline for applying is 23:59 on Friday October 19. By October 23 we will let you know if you have gotten a spot to participate. There is no cost to take part (hotel and food is also paid for), but you will have to send us a travel confirmation to confirm your participation.

The event takes place at Mastemyr Hotel outside Oslo on Dec 13 to Dec 16 2018. Accomodation in shared rooms, but single room is possible (NOK 550 payable, this cost can be vaiwered if single room is needed for medical reasons).


People facing economic difficulties can apply for a travel grant by sending an email to Include a suggested travel route.