Summer School 2016!


We believe larp can change the world. That it’s harder to disrespect, have prejudices against, or start a war with someone when you have been in their shoes. By creating international networks, sharing experiences and reflecting upon them we believe larp can promote understanding and create a better world to live in.

The goal of the Larpwriter summer school is to create this international network and to empower it's participants with the experiences and the tools they need to create their own roleplaying games and larps.

The Larpwriter summer school is designed to take participants with little or no larp experience to the level where they have the tools and enthusiasm to organize their own larps.

Besides the learning, the Summer School is a magical place of new friends, late-night swimming and good times.
Some snapshots from previous Larpwriter Summer Schools.

Practical information

This year's summer school will be held from the 3th to the 8th of July. The bus for the summer school venue leaves early morning on Sunday July 3th, so we recommend all participants to schedule for arrival on the evening of Saturday July 2th. The Larpwriter Summer School is free of charge, but the participants should cover travel costs to and from Vilnius.

The Summer School ends on Friday 8th of July. It will be possible to catch a late flight after the school ends, but we recommend all participants to stay till monday to enjoy the weekend in Vilnius with your new friends.

The location is Ruta, a cabin resort outside of Vilnius, Lithuania. International (non-belarussian) participants cover their own travel expenses to Vilnius. For a small fee, visas and travel for Belarussian participants will be organized collectively from Minsk.


The programme at the Larpwriter Summer School is a careful selected combination of actual larps and roleplaying games, physical workshops and lectures. Unlike the programme on many other larp-related events, there is only one single track because we want all participants to follow the same course and thus share the same experiences.

The programme is built on three levels:
  • The what: Larps and larp presentations to build a common pool of experiences that we can use in the rest of the programme
  • The why: Mixing desk talks that describe the different design choices you have in larp and why you would choose the different choices
  • The how: Workshops and lectures on the nuts and bolts of larp design.
The specific programme for this years Summer School is not yet finished. However, you can check out the Resources page to get an impression of what to expect. 

Speakers and Facilitators

We invite some of the most competent and commited speakers the Nordic Larp scene has to offer to the Summer School. They all work voluntary for a week during their summer holidays to share their experiences and insight with you. The names for this years summer school will be posted at a later point.

Sign up

Application for the school is open now.

We are looking for participants with no to medium larp experience and no to little larp organizing experience. The programme will be in english, so a good written and spoken English is a prerequisite. NGO-activists, teachers and others who wish to use larps in their work is encouraged to apply, but we of course also welcome larpers who want to become organizers. The participants are selected in order to create a diverse group in respect of age, gender, geography and motivation.

Are you ready for this summer's most magical adventure?
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